Vote \"No\" on all present and future Presidential war powers requests.

We the people of the United States who believe in the Constitution and wish to regain the power that was taken from us by those who abuse its athority.

We the people of the United State say no more lies, manipulation and abuse of our Goverment. We say "No" to any present and future request by this and any future President and its administration request for increase in the President war power. We the people will not allow our Goverment to be manipulated by Financial Powers, Federal Reserves, the United Nations and Intrest Groups. That do not support the Constitution and Citizens of these United States.

We the people have the power of the "Vote". The true power of this country is its citizens. When the people unite under its countries flag. That Goverment must do as the Citizens wish and not against the will of its people. Because a Goverment buy the people for the people will thrive. As a Goverment abuse of its powers, that country will fall. The People of these United States, Thank You