President Trump, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States

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Dear President Trump,
I am writing to ask you and your administration to enforce harsher penalties for people who commit animal cruelty against animals. This issue is not only a serious problem here in the United States, but all around the world.
In the United States, about 6-8 million dogs & cats are abused, and that number is only an estimate, as some cases go unreported due to the abuser getting away with it, and the animal is severely hurt and or dies. People who abuse animals move on to abusing small vulnerable children and then step up their hideous actions in raping and murdering people.
Can you give an explanation into why there are so many loopholes in the Licensing & Registration under the Animal Welfare Act that was passed by Congress in 1966? This law is supposed to set stiff penalties for sponsors and promoters of outlawed animal fighting ventures. The law of this act passed by congress has not been enforced and prevented this activity like it is supposed to, according to the law signed into legislation.
Animals are living beings with feelings just like us humans, and are vulnerable to inhumane treatment from humans and are victimized so much more, because of a lack of severe animal cruelty laws that the government treats as just a petty crime just because they are animals! Animals have the right to live too. Just because they can't tell us how they feel doesn't mean we should mistreat them. Dogs are man's best friend and do so much for us all in helping us in crisis, and providing unconditional love, and also are used by the police in helping solve crimes in criminal cases. Animals also help find missing and deceased people, help detect illegal drugs, bombs, and even diseases, and also have very intellectual keen abilities in helping people out from danger. They also provide much needed assistance to disabled people as service animals! How could you hurt an animal that is helping people in need?
These animals should have equal treatment just like us human beings with their wonderful attributions to mankind with what they do for us!
So why not put these animals as a priority in keeping them safe from harm and enacting severe penalties for people who abuse them? The federal government needs to immediately enact a mandatory animal abuse registry for ALL animal abusers, just like what is required by law for sex offenders. This must be done in all 50 states to track convicted animal abusers, and to alert other people of their whereabouts. I WOULD NOT want to be living next door to someone who has committed an heinous act of violence towards an animal, because these people are very dangerous people and are a threat to the rest of society, with their repulsive violent actions! Also, what needs to be done, is when a person is found guilty of animal abuse, the law should ban the person from ever owning or being around animals ever again!
If these actions were put into place, it would definitely curtail the amount of crimes such as domestic violence, rape and murder that is happening on every street in America! We should be able to feel safe walking the streets in America, but with the lax laws currently in place for animal abusers, it is making our streets a dangerous and opportunistic place for these horrid crimes to persist. And these crimes will persist and worsen if the government continues to slap the abuser on the hand for their punishment. The government is basically saying that it is acceptable behavior to abuse animals, so go out and do it again! The punishment given should include a substantial fine and very lengthy jail time for their heinous actions, and NOT a few hours in jail, and a small fine!! We have a long way to go for our country to become ONE GREAT NATION if our government continues to ignore this serious problem that is growing at an alarming rate! Please President Trump, pass harsher laws that will send out a strong message to animal abusers, that you will be SEVERELY punished for your reprehensible actions!
Nothing would make me happier then to see you sign into legislation "The Animal Cruelty Act" into law providing for severe penalties for animal abusers. It would be such an honor to be present at the White House, and witness you signing this legislation into law. President Trump, please take a stand, and show the whole world that Animal Cruelty will not be TOLERATED in the United States of America! Thank you very much!!

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Apr 19th, 2017
Skye B. from Philadelphia, PA signed.
Apr 13th, 2017
Diana M. from Belton, TX writes:
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animal abuse is getting worse. it's being ignored and we need to punish those who inflict harm on the innocent
Apr 13th, 2017
Ines S. from Salem, MO writes:
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I was grew up in domestic violence and my abuser abused and killed animals in front of my eyes. People who abuse animals abuse human beings too. There has to be a change to help protect humans and animals. It's time everyone in this country opens their eyes. You wonder why there are so many murders? Because people are getting away with it! Closing ours will no change anything! You want America to be better then start doing something with the abusers!
Apr 13th, 2017
Debbie D. from Port Saint Lucie, FL writes:
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Human Beings and Animals all share this earth together temporary, make the best of it. All animals should be treated with Dignity and Respect. Animals should live in Peace, Freedom, Comfort, Respect, Dignity, Love, Happiness, and free from harm. There is no excuse for animal abuse and cruelty. Animals are helpless, innocent, defenseless, and voiceless. If we don't speak out and help the animals in need, they have no hope to carry on.. Save and Protect God's Beauutiful Innocent Creatures. They so well deserve. God Bless The animals!
Apr 13th, 2017
Marjo M. from Farmville, VA signed.
Apr 5th, 2017
Jackie H. from Marlton, NJ signed.
Apr 3rd, 2017
Joseph B. from Pensacola, FL writes:
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This should also apply to Puppy mills, dog and cock fighting and hunting!
Apr 2nd, 2017
Rayna S. from Tomball, TX writes:
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The abuse and neglect of animals is an act so depraved that society should quantify it with that of the abuse and neglect of children, the elderly and all those who are not able to care for themselves. Animals are chained to fences, left in the baking sun and freezing snow, shipped in horrific conditions, crated to curb behavioral conditions, 'warehoused' for years until they go mad, forced to drink shampoo and other products, have chemicals poured in their eyes and on their coats, and tortured in unimaginable laboratory conditions. There must be a sea change in society's tolerance of these cruelties. Penalties for the abuse of animals must have marked and severe punishments. We should no more turn our heads from these atrocities than those of human trafficking and animal poaching. Mr. President, Senators and Congressmen, please help us help those who cannot help themselves. Please pass legislation that will increase the penalties for animal abuse, and help us end this hideous epidemic.
Mar 27th, 2017
S. T. from Old Hickory, TN writes:
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I completely agree that there must be stiffer penalties for such cruelty. Animal lives are no less important than any human lives -- they are living, breathing creatures, many of which are dependent on us to care for them and protect them. Those of us who have been blessed to be the caretaker of a dog or cat will tell you they are deeply loved family members, and it is heartbreaking to see minimalist punishment. Personally, I would like to significant jail time imposed for such acts. And, I would like to see some sort of Task Force in place that actively seeks out those that hoard multiple animals and neglect them. Here in Tennessee, this type of dog abuse is happening all too frequently (as a matter of act, an incident was posted on our local news this morning). I would not be opposed to paying additional taxes for better animal protection. Perhaps, even consider requiring a state-issued dog ownership license that ensures certain care-taking criteria are met by an organization that fully understands such. This license would also be used to track transfer of ownership. This is not unlike the many rescue groups that instill mandatories that must be met before allowing adoption to occur; and many more insist on maintaining ongoing contact with the owner through the dog's adopted life. I don't think this nation can take baby steps on this issue any longer . . . action needs to be significant and it needs happen soon. Please help!!
Mar 22nd, 2017
R. J. from Stafford, VA signed.