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Launch a powerful online petition to rally supporters for your cause. Simply write a short petition statement and select whether to send to the President, the Senate, the House of Representatives, or all three! Every petition signer has the option of sending personal emails or letters directly to their elected representatives.

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1. Choose the Petition Targets in Congress and the White House

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2. Give Your Petition a Title

3. Create the Call-to-Action or Petition Statement

This is your message to Congress. It should briefly explain the issue and ask Congress to oppose or support the position. You can always change it later.

4. Select Issue Tag

What general issue is your petition regarding? Capitol Hill offices use this information to route incoming emails from your petition signers.

5. Petition Manager

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Petitions Hosted Here Are:

Completely Free

There is no cost to create or maintain your petition.

Have No Advertising

Your petition isn't cluttered with distracting ads.

More Effective

Unlike other petitions, these petitions let users actually send emails to Congress.

Have No Spam

We protect your privacy. Petition signers' information is only shared with their officials in Washington, D.C. There is no spam or email harvesting.

Who We Are

Petition2Congress is a service of Rally Congress, a full-featured petition system used by large organizations.