Stop the Epipen Price Gouging

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We ask that there be an investigation and regulation into the 420% (adjusted for inflation!) increase in the price of Epipens since 2004.

Millions of people with severe allergies carry EpiPens to reverse life-threatening allergic reactions.

With this oppressive price increase, many EMT's and families are turning to manual syringes as a cheaper alternative, though doctors and patient advocates warn that it?s more complicated to get the correct dose of epinephrine and it administer safely with a syringe. Some families will be forced to hang on to expired Epipens, or worse, go without entirely.

There is no discernible reason for the increase other than Mylan's desire to use their monopoly to exploit the need for this life-saving medication for exorbitant profit.

Thank you.

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2 days ago
Erin B. from Snohomish, WA signed.
2 days ago
Lauren K. from Edgewater, NJ signed.
Jun 23rd, 2017
Julie W. from Carmel, IN signed.
Jun 18th, 2017
Someone from Houston, TX signed.
Jun 17th, 2017
Emil Y. from Meeker, OK writes:
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There's people that just can't afford this. Engineering I can see, but project should be no higher than 3%.
Jun 9th, 2017
Someone from Houston, TX writes:
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The American consumer is being taken to the cleaners!
Jun 7th, 2017
Zac B. from Clearlake, CA writes:
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When will you get rid of lobbyists and start working for the people? Negotiating prices with the drug companies is not even good enough. Single payer is the only way and if Congress does not support this, they will all be voted out in 2018. Do the right thing and start wit this EpiPen problem. Show the people that you are not bought and paid for.
Jun 6th, 2017
Someone from Wichita, KS writes:
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I recently went into anaphylaxis due to not having an Epi-Pen when I needed one. The reason why I didn't have it...PRICE!!! This is a life-saving tool & needs to be more affordable. NO ONE asks to have a life-threatening allergy and no one should have to go into DEBT to get what they need.
Jun 2nd, 2017
Andrew W. from Huntersville, NC writes:
Quotation mark icon West Virginia Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin's "pride and joy" bastard daughter lies her butt off to Congress, suffers no punishment
Jun 2nd, 2017
Andrew W. from Huntersville, NC writes:
Quotation mark icon Mylan CEO Heather Bresch ripped off the U.S. Government for over 1 BILLION dollars. WHY is she NOT in PRISON? Why is she not charged with her greedy executives? The average American will be imprisoned for stealing $5 dollars? The American People have really let the foxes run the hen house