US-funded Egyptian Military Kills Civilians

The Egyptian military attacked a peaceful protest on Sunday, October 9, 2011, killing at least 24 civilians. Tell President Obama and the US Congress to pressure Egypt to fully investigate and prosecute those guilty of these heinous crimes and to sta

On Sunday, October 9, 2011, the Egyptian Army brutally attacked a peaceful protest in Cairo, Egypt, killing at least 24 civilians and injuring at least 300. In one case, a military tank ran over a protester's head, smashing it to pieces. Mina Daniel, a youth activist who protested in Tahrir for the 18 days of the January 25th Revolution and survived, was among those killed during today's protest. Thugs have also attacked the Coptic Hospital in El-Daher, Cairo, where the injured are being treated. The protesters were made up of Muslims and Christians protesting the burning of a church in Aswan, Egypt.

During this violence, Egyptian state media falsely reported that three members of the military were killed by the protesters, and the the Egyptian Army (SCAF) used this as an opportunity to pit Egyptian against Egyptian, using state television to call upon Egyptians to "protect" the army from these attacks by Coptic protesters!

Under the rule of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), 12,000 Egyptians were sentenced to military court since last January. During Mubarak's rule, only 500 Egyptians were sentenced by military court. More churches were burned and the perpetrators un-sentenced under this military rule. The hated Emergency Law has been renewed, and heavy-handed censorship has brought upon the arrest of journalists and the storming of the offices of independent news media.

In the meantime, lawlessness rules the streets in Egypt, and it seems that SCAF is only uses its security forces to attack protesters and independent media, rather than to do its job to protect its citizens.

Every year, the US government gives $1.3 billion to SCAF. My tax dollars are being used to fund a ruling army that is attacking, killing and oppressing the citizens of its own country. This same army, while on one hand accepting all military aid from the US, has refused any US aid that would help build a truly free, fair and democratic country that respects the rights of all its citizens--and that could hold SCAF accountable.

SCAF has proven itself incapable of ruling Egypt and presiding over elections planned in November. It is trying to incite a civil war in Egypt, and is using the Egyptian state media to spread this message of hatred.

Do not use my tax dollars to support this regime. Use your influence and stand with the Egyptian people, not their oppressive military government. Call for a complete INDEPENDENT investigation of these criminal acts and full prosecution of those responsible at the highest levels. Egypt needs a transitional, secular civilian government that is capable of presiding over free and fair elections and legitimate constitutional changes.

The over 800 Egyptians who died during the January 25th Revolution did not die for this. Enough is enough.

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Keep America out of middle East issues.
Sep 30th, 2017
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We need to stop corruption in government
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Islam is NOT a religion. It's a psychopathic terror cult that legalizes hate (Quran 5:51), cutting off the hand of a thief (5:38), killing of non-Muslims (9:5) and crucifixion and cutting the limbs of enemies (5:33) as well as hundreds of crimes outlawed by our American laws like pedophilia, child marriages, honor killings and marriage to 4 wives. Unless we remove Islam's religious status today, outlaw Islam (law passed in of 1952) and close down all mosques and all Islamic Jihadist training camps on U.S. soil, Muslims will outbreed us, outnumber us, out lawyers and take America from within without firing a shot (London has already fallen under Sadiq Khan). America's future depends on what we do today.
Nov 18th, 2015
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