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Keep the NSF Political Science Program

Sen. Coburn (R-OK) has proposed an amendment to eliminate NSF's political science program. It is an amendment to the Senate Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill, which is currently on the Senate floor.

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Make smoking in vehicles with children ILLEGAL!

Stop smoking in vehicles with children!

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Competition & Choice for Education Lending

The time has come that we need EVERYONE to weigh in one last time so Senators Bond and McCaskill have a clear understanding of how Missouri colleges/universities and their constituents feel about the pending Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act

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A stimulus plan for the average American

Getting this country moving forward using the percolate up theory

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An official day for blasting music

This would be a national holiday specifically for blasting music.

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Support H. Con. Res. 30

Return the Bells of Balangiga

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Ban on clove cigarettes

Clove cigarettes are loved and hated, but I love them.

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Child Support Laws

Mandatory work release program for dead-beat parents.

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Spay and Neutering

A petition to make sure everyone must spay or neuter their pets.

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Investigate ACORN

Stop ACORN abuse of YOUR Federal tax dollars