In a new foster care in Stockton California

The latest update is I have 6 months to prove to the court that I am a responsible mother and to care for my child and to visit my son in person visit to establish a secure connection and bonding with my son I'm glad that my parential rights where not terminated I'm glad the judge from crescent city California. Was fair on his decision and he agreed with my lawyer and the personal written testimony of my son former care giver of my son Debbie bustamante.had alot.of proof and evidence regarding the care of my son Nathan ralphel Torres a special needs autism kid was emotional abused and neglected and ignore by the foster mom Tina McGuire gaston was only out for the money the $6000.00 cash payment my son was a dollar sign a cash cow for her own greed she treated my son poorly bye giving him rotten spoil expired food and give my son bad rotten milk to drink and the juice he drank was bitter like poison she didn't care for the health and safety and the well being of my child she had her son to be the care giver of my son and to give my son a bath he was rough on my son the former care giver told me on the phone and my son was held like a prisoner in the foster parent home was not safe for my son to live in it was a hazardous environment and there was toxic mold in the mobile manufactured homes it was like a hoarder house plenty of junk .and no space to move or walk and my son was treated like a piece of shit crap like an animal before she force my son to eat dog and cat food it was reported to my son school and the psychiatrist that was not right how she treated my son and her only concern was theincome being removed from her she is a bad person and I'm glad my son out house and I'm glad my son not going to be adopted.