victim of a domestic violence .

mental disturbance, abuse , livelihood, lost of loved , freedom in compromise

Dear headquarters,

I'm a victim of a domestic abuse, my scorned ex intimate keep harrassing me by successfuly using the system where this interfere with my actual domestic life , my freedom, and my livelihood. She will go at the same precint at anytime she want and make a complaint against me where the poloice with no evidence don't want to hear my side will come and take me from my wife and son with the embarassement of the neighborhood.My wife want to divorce me because of this situation. I have no contact , no anything with my ex woman and during our past relationships there was never a domestics incident after I broke up with her I lost my freedom and keep loosing all I have or all I will get. Mental disturbance , interference of freedom affecting my life I'm

ver keep getting arrested only from a ex woman that i been with words, she knows my adress and has my full name , from that she is successful using the system against me and lies to the law enforcement have them make a false arrest. My son is always paranoid at home thinking the police will come an knock as they want to broke the doors he always has the word police in his mouth.when we walking he sees a police car he run and hes only 4 years old .please I'm begin you help me out of this situation please. We (my wife and son) feels harrass by this lady and the 48 precint. The reason I made this petition today is at the time it was happening I didn't know where and to who to turn to because the police won't listen to me all they wanted is me to come to the precint make a statement and have me go before a judge , so I was always scared