Remove Daniel R. Walker From the Position of President of California Fish and Game Commission!

The public trust is broken, thus leading to and abetting the breakdown of society. This should not be tolerated.

With the passage of California Proposition 117 in 1990, mountain lions became a "specially protected species," making mountain lion hunting illegal in California.

In a position of public trust, Richards abandoned that trust when he bagged ❠mountain lion in Idaho for the (perverse) sport of it. He does not have any remorse and states he endured extreme environmental conditions to participate in this sport for which he paid over $6,000 to do so.

The California Constitution established the Fish and Game Commission to provide for the delegation to the commission of powers relating to the protection and propagation of fish and game. Existing statutory law delegates to the commission the power to regulate the taking or possession of birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, and reptiles in accordance with prescribed laws. California's statutory law entrusts all delegates with the responsibility to fulfill their public trust responsibilities to protect and manage the state's s fish and wildlife for their ecological values.