Organized Gang Stalking

wanted to see if I could share a story regarding stalking and harassment for the last 2 years and how this is unprefound circumstance has effected my life.

I was notified by the IRS that my identity was stolen in Feb 2021 and as well by VA taxation.thus occured by electric means in March of 2020.
My cells phones all and emails for gmail, outlook and aol have all been hacked. Emails have been reverted or blocked multiple times. Calls and text messages reverted to another number where I am then disconnected.

Someone keeps remote accessing vandalizing the interior. My internet and other data services are interrupted daily.

I am now being harassed in community with multiple cars driving by in rolling succession blasting music and driving quickly over speed bumps in an attempt to make a noise disturbance. Members of the community attempt to memic what I am doing or stair, some start texting when I come outside. others will time their leaving to coincide with my departure. They will park a certain way and turn their tags upside down as if to deliver a message. Someone has been breaking into home and carving symbols in my furniture and going through my things, taking and or removing things. Some items magically reappear in another part of my home. They keep leaving pens and pencils with my old employers name on it. There are multiple vehicles converging on with rented tags each time I go out. Some attempt to cause an accident or run me off the road. There has been at least 2 tunes someone has thrown stones at my windshield from the side of the road.
I know my son was assaulted last month and I have had multiple bouts with vehicle property Damage.
When tying to open police reports or call the FBI, I swear it's the same woman who basically just hangs up. I have opened at least 5 ic3 reports since Dec 2021. There has been no response from the FBI. Police are dismissive and state they will not investigate only document a complaint. I asked the police if they allowing the crime to be committed because they refuse to assist no matter what I show them. other times Police dismiss label as just a suspicious act.

I have opened now 10 total police reports. I have another 13 or so Incident reports. Fairfax county prince William county and countless other complaints with different agencies. From my understanding those acts of intimidating, vandalizing etc are in breach of civil rights, the 4th amendment of the constitution and because these acts are calculated and involve more than one party, this stalking method falls under the Patriot act. Everyone has the right to walk freely and feel safe under the constitution. The act of attempting to intimidate, monitor, harass, stop a individual from going about their day or to intagianaze as a group community or or entity is no more than domestic terror.

I would ask as I have written to many and have several reports that congress incite some measure for victims of this crime.