Make the political system truely effective again!

Desolve political parties so government, and citizens can vote their conscience instead of party line.

Deadlock, and diluted legislation, have hobbled, and weakened, our nation. It seems party politics has become more important than progress, or national security. Therefore, stop the lazy, if not cowardly, legislative system now in practice by strictly banning political parties, or better yet, make political parties illegal. It's time to put the future, and security of our nation, before political, or personal concerns.

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Sep 7th, 2017
Susan R. from Collegeville, PA writes:
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All parties should be recognized in all 50 states, included in all debates, and listed on all ballots. We should be able to list 3 choices for each office. If 1 or more of our choices are eliminated by ballot, our remaining vote should go to the person we choose. We will not necessarily make 3 choices, but if we do, all should carry weight. This will prevent the hampering of third parties trying to enter into politics.

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