Lost my job to a H1B contractor

H1B are replacing American workers.

Twice in the past 8 years I've lost my job to H1B workers. My company also was put out of business by a company out of India. After 8 years at a energy company, I was laid-off and replaced by an Indian contractor, who I trained to do my job. A couple of days before I left the company, he told me "...they work for a fraction of what Americans make...". I felt insulted. Now all I see is recruiters and employers looking for H1Bs, as they are cheap labor. I used to be proud of my career in my early days. Now I hated it, because I see how corporate america accomplished what they wanted....import cheap labor and no regulation to control it. My parents once told me that I should have been a lawyer...why?..because that's one industry that be never be outsourced.