Investigate the corruption in the Los Angeles Judicial System

California has an F on all accounts,corruption is everywhere.

The people of this once great state dont know how corrupt it is at present until you are thrust into a Judicial System that caters to the highest bidder,it may be the real estate industry or a Big Bank but once in that arena do not expect justice of any sort.

Congress should now Investigate the Judges,the lawyers,the Bar,the entire real estate industry in Los Angeles and anyone who is involved,NAR,CAR,and all regulatory bodies in the Los Angeles area.I have lived on the westside of Los Angeles for well over 25 years and cant tell you how corrupt and deceptive it has become and it feels as there is no recourse when the people running the stat are the same criminals doing the injustice on a daily basis.Stealing property,corrupt escrow companies and title companies[Chicago title,lawyers title,recon trust,Bank of America and its affiliates]LA needs help and fast.Please investigate,please remove gov Brown from office.