To United States Congress Representatives
We, as naturalized US citizens and permanent residents of Ukrainian decent, are asking you to intercede in the United States Congress on behalf of Republic of Ukraine in view of the latest blatant violation of International Law by Russian Federation.
The latest actions of Russia in Kerch Strait – the brazen attack and seizure of Ukrainian ships are aiming to completely shut down Ukrainian shipping in the Azov Sea. These actions defy the Naval Agreement between Republic of Ukraine and Russian Federation of 2003 ratified by Russian Parliament (Duma) in 2004, which gives both countries equal rights with respect to trade and military shipping in the Azov Sea. Even before this attack Ukrainian ships had to wait in a long line to be searched and get permission from Russian authorities to sail to their port of destination in the Black Sea or Azov Sea. Some ships had to wait for days.
Unfortunately, the above actions of Russian Federation are only one link in the long chain of acts of aggression from Russia.
We firmly believe that the current Russian Government policy represents the threat not only to Ukraine but to US, members of NATO and all free nations.
We are appealing to the US Congress and President Donald Trump to initiate new tougher sanctions against Russian Federation: to cut Russian banks from Swift System, to persuade all NATO allies and Japan to restrict the trade with Russia and no longer provide them money they so desperately need to continue their aggressive policy.
We are firmly convinced that the meek reaction of the West to Russian aggression against Georgia in 2008 encouraged Vladimir Putin to annexed Crimea, start the war in Eastern Regions of Ukraine and support Syrian dictator in his bloody war against his own people.
The absence of firm and tough response from the West reminds us the appeasement policy towards Adolph Hitler in 1938, when, paraphrasing Sir Winston Churchill, West got both: the War and the Shame.
Thank you for immediate attention regarding this serious matter.

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Dec 5th, 2018
Mark K. from Naperville, IL writes:
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My friends collected 50 signatures from parishioners of St.Vladimir and St.Olga church in Chicago in support of this petition.

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