Have a full jury trial before issuing RO against fathers/mothers

Court system one-sided and unfair in issuing Restraining Orders

Hope and pray you never get hit with an unfair, one-sided Restraining Order based solely on one party''s testimony. There is no full hearing and the defendant is NOT given an opportunity to explain his/her side of the story. The court's totally favor the woman in these situations, for the most part. Judges are hard put not to issue the R.O. for fear that, like in a few cases, the opposing party is truly dangerous to the petitioner. However, so many times this is not the case. The petitioner simply wants a fast, inexpensive way to gain total custody of the child/children. The internet even gives them instructions on how to achieve this by getting criminal charges against the defendant. The petitioner goes to court, give false, half-truth testimony and comes out with as much as a two year restraining order that can totally destroy the innocent defendant's life. One judge was heard sayings, "I'm so tired of hearing these cases"! It is almost impossible to get these false charges reversed or thrown out. Judges don't like being second-guessed or found to have been taken-on by the petitioner so they use everything in their vast power to keep the R.O. in full force. It does not matter where the real truth lies. Defendant is subjected to constant scrutiny by the legal system and their freedom is curtailed. The financail burden is heavy because they are required to take expensive classes, pay for everything they are required to do and if they want to fight it, spend huge sums to hire an attorney and hope for vindication. They stand to lose their employment and are subject to more than 35 restrictions in their personal life, including not being able to leave their home state, getting so much as a ticket while driving and much, much more. Restraining Orders are issued daily at an unbelievable rate and generate large sums of money to the courts, all the all the organizations connected to the issuance of R.Os. Sad part is, even if the petitioner is found guilty of giving false evidence, telling half-truths an commiting other legal crimes, they seldom if ever, face any retribution for their actions. This HUGH injustice has to be addressed for the sake of the child/children involved as well as innocent victims of this cruel legal injustice!!