I Keep Getting Scammed on Dating Sites

I am getting furious, because whenever I start a conversation with somebody on social media, they want me to do them a "favor", and that is send them a "gift card" because their "computer doesn't work", or they want me to send them money for "medicine" or "gasoline". I am also trying to go on dating sites, but that scamming happens there, too! I mean, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING ONLINE THESE DAYS? I honestly feel like crying. I desperately need your help. I have cerebral palsy, and I'm on a walker for short distances, and in a wheelchair for long distances. I need that money for my medical bills, and it's really not fair to me that I have to be the one that is suffering, because of some scammers' stupidity! Seriously, I am calling on Congress to make this stop, NOW!! I need your support in BANNING ONLINE DATING SITES FOR GOOD! Thank you!

I have started a petition on to try to combat this issue, as well.

Thank you!