Stop the War Machine. A Petition for Peace

The People Want Peace, Not more Expensive Wars that are bankrupting this Country.

The U.S. has escalated threats of military intervention against both Iran and Syria and has placed harsher sanctions on both countries. The U.S. government needs to hear that the people do not want new wars.

We have a responsibility as Americans to try to stop all forms of U.S. aggression around the globe. We the people will be ready to protest if the U.S. or one of its proxies such as Israel or NATO attack Iran or Syria.

There is a covert, ?shadow? war being waged against Iran by U.S. and Israeli forces. The U.S. is sending additional military forces to the region. The threats against Iran are in the name of ?stopping nuclear proliferation.?

We learned from the sanctions on Iraq after the Persian Gulf War that sanctions kill and target the most vulnerable members of society?particularly the elderly and children. More people were killed by U.S. sanctions on Iraq than in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. It is imperative that we see sanctions as a deadly form of warfare on the civilian population. If the government doesn?t want the country of Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons then it should work to build a peaceful relationship with Iran, instead of threatening it, attacking it?s scientists, and sending in troops into neighboring countries like Israel.

The U.S. government is the only nation to have used atomic weapons in war. After 10 years of continuous wars and military interventions conducted on the basis of lies, and misinformation, with the deaths of untold thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, the warmakers in Washington have lost all credibility to lecture other nations about human rights.

Events in Iraq has proven that bombs don?t bring about democracy, freedom or security. Instead, the Iraqis are forced to endure a puppet government that awards profitable concessions to U.S. corporations.

The people of Syria and Iran should determine their own political future. The U.S. does not have the right to decide who is fit to rule and should not use its military to force a government more accepting of U.S. imperialism or corporate interests into power.

We want to stop these wars BEFORE they start. Please stop supporting sanctions and war threats.

On this day, we recognize that millions of people are without jobs and housing, yet billions are spent on U.S. wars around the world. People need jobs, housing and health care, not more wars.

The Citizenry of this Country are tired of these costly wars, and see the same rhetoric that lead to the very costly mistake that was the Iraq invasion in 2003. We do not give the Congress our vote of confidence to engage in further military action in Iran, and we do give our vote of confidence for more diplomacy, negotiation and cooperation with Iran and all of the Middle East to work towards Peace.