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What has Congress done to remedy Unemployment?

Ask your Representatives for a detail explanation about what action on the employment and economic issues of the country have they taken.

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Term Limits

Petition to end the reign of Life Long Politicians

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Congressional Reform Bill

To effect term limits for all House of Representatives and Senators.

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Recall Congress

The creation of a super congress is against our consitution

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Defund the United Nations, End Agenda 21

To retain America?s Independence from foreign dependence

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Criss in Federal Prison lexington Ky.

people are dying in FMC ( Federal Medical Center) due to lack of medical attention

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Stop Incarceration of the Mentally Ill

Let us help individuals that are unable to help themselves and stop the incarceration of the mentally ill.

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We The People of the United States Demand

Save The United States from Ruin and mass Poverty

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We have to stick with our constitution like the founding fathers set up.

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Term limits for Congress

Won't you help us bring fight to the tired old system, by signing the online petition below?