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Petition North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge to Resign Immediately

Even if the Congressman doesn't get charged and convicted of assault, he should at least step down.

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Petition to ban K2 in New Hampshire

Synthetic marijuana a growing trend among teens

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Oppose H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act

This legislation is a threat to the First Amendment rights of businesses across the country.

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Ease green card backlogs for highly skilled employment based immigrants

Thousands of techies, doctors, nurses are held up and need to be freed from government red tape, and need to be given their shot to contribute their best years towards the good of this country

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The Gulf : Enough is Enough

The Gulf is a Warning : It's Time for Real Change, Before It's Too Late

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Create a Federal Worker's Compensation Law that will give the injured worker a fair deal

Replace the current state worker's compensation laws with a Federal Standard that does not allow the Insurance Companies to play games with injured workers.

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Citizens Against Illegal Border Crossings

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Take Action Against The Oil Disaster Now!

Take Action Now Before Anymore of The Gulf Coast is Destroyed!

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Stop the Conditioning in Schools-Homosexuality is Not Normal

Heterosexuality is Normal. Keep America Strong and Proud.