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for the loving pitts that are not aggressive

All Pitt bulls are not aggresive ,it depends how they are raised. unlike the professional football players or people that dont care about animals . You raise them like your children , you love and respect them and teach them to love one another just

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Conjugal Visits for Missouri

Help us help the families of Missouri inmates.

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Nickel and Dimed Bill

A bill to stop consumers from being Nickel and Dimed by businesses seeking to charge consumers indirectly.

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Stronger punishment for child abusers

keep child abusers in jail and away from children

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Stop Illegals from Tapping Social Security dollars I worked for

Democrats want to give away your future-read the facts!

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Extend Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits

Its the right thing to do for the american workforce.

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Revisions of the Judicial System in Massachusetts

We the people of Massachusetts are ready to take back our streets and give our children a safer place to live

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Shorten Drivers license suspension time


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Common Law Marriage

Woman without vows share the same responsibilities, we should be treated equally.