Family Court Corruption and to Abolish Title IV-D Funding from States to have incentives to illegally courtnap children, CPS corruption, judicial corruption

The Family Court disregards Constituional Law and should be held accountable

Title IV_D funding has caused great grief to those families trying to get a "fair hearing" in family court. The Family Court Judges, attorney ad litems, psychologist benefit from Title IV-D funding. The funds are given to the states on collection of child support. There is no incentive to grant the "best parent" custody - but to examine which parent can pay child support. This is important as every dollar of child support collected is matched by Title IV-D funding. The funding going to the States are not used to enforce visitation rights of the non-custodial parent, but going into areas of the State that are not accounted for.

This is an outrage, as nobody has to account for these funds and how they are spent. Second, there are numerous accounts from all over the United States about CPS taking children into custody and adopting them out for the incentive funds which range from $4,000 to $8,000 a child.

This is important to you as it will not matter how much you spend on legal fees or the quality of your attorney. This is about federal funding going to each State - not to benefit our children, but for increase revenue.

The civil rights of families and children have been denied due process. Unless we have accountability for the Family Court actions and where the money is being spent, this will get worse.

Please take the time to review these concerns. Families all over the America are being harmed and you could be next.

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Sep 22nd, 2018
Kevin F. from Overland Park, KS signed.
Sep 20th, 2018
John M. from Tolland, CT writes:
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Corruption! At the cost of our children.
Aug 29th, 2018
Joll S. from Burlington, NC writes:
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Title lV-D funding needs to be abolished. 50/50 equal shared parenting is what is best for kids and our kids futures. I’ve-D funding is hijacking good and fit parents out of their children’s lives!! Every dollar that is collected in child support is matched by the state . The state is maximizing and profiting off of the noncustodial parent!! This must stop. Please look up what Title lV-D funding is. Get educated about what is happening to goo and fit parents. Please get involved and support 50/50 shared parenting!
Aug 20th, 2018
Tamera D. from Nappanee, IN writes:
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We owe it to our children , grandchildren , tomorrow’s future . Family court is tearing families apart one by one . You have fathers that want to be in their children’s lives that pay support but are not allowed to see their children or very little time . Please at the very least get corrupt judges and ad-litems out of the position of destroying lives
Jul 19th, 2018
Joseph K. from Bath, PA signed.
Jun 29th, 2018
Robert D. from Rochester, NY writes:
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I am fighting this organized money laundering scam in Rochester NY, Monroe county. The woman who claims I am the father to her son, told me to take a hike within hours of telling me she was pregnant. I offered marriage so the child would have a home with two parents, but that was not part of this woman's plan, I was to be immediately discarded like garbage and the child was going to be used as a ransom demand to shake me down for money. It has been just recently that I have learned that I actually had real rights and unless there was a finding of fact that I was unfit, the state had no business interfering with my relationship with the child. What the took place between the hearing officer Linda Pilato, my attorney Mike Schmitt and law guardian Ella Van Loon is that they re-classified me as the non-custodial parent and the bulk of my parental rights were severed. it never occurred to me that each of these people were actually making offers to me, but they use their titles to intimidate you, you think they are pushing a law on you, when in fact they are making bogus offers. For example, Law guardian Ella Van Loon said to me in a private meeting, "Deanne is willing to let you see Nick for 2 hours on Christmas" This opened the door to leave out any holiday visits. The other recommendation she made to the referee Thomas Polito was that I be chaperoned by the mother for the first 6 visits., this is to make it look like on paper that I am unfit, though they had no evidence of any wrong doing. Ella Van Loon claims she talked to the little 5 year old boy and clams he said he wants his mom around when he is with his dad., how manipulating is that? if she even asked him that. It is infuriating to think how each of these people played me. it has been seven years now, and I have not seen the child that I am held at gun point to pay for and I have been alienated from him since his birth 16 years ago. And I learned that Title IV-D is a contract that needed my permission.
Jun 14th, 2018
Greg T. from Portland, OR writes:
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I am a long time veteran of government corruption. Having worked in it and experienced it! I cannot emphasize the need to overhaul Family Courts, DHS, CPS & The Child Support hustle.. These organization mentioned have Executive Authority and answer to no one... Their main goal is collect monies from people, put people in jail, destroy families, emasculate men and then turn to the federal government and ask for more money. This is what FDR warned us about in about during the Great Depression- Military Industrial Complex but Government is the Industrial Complex. These agencies are acting on perverse incentives using government institutions like CPS, DHS, Family Courts and Law Enforcement to terrorize citizens of the U.S. They remove and interrogate children without the consent of the parents. They coerce children using law enforcement and skillful wording coercing children. They use law enforcement to carry out their dirty work. They then use the State Courts to carry out adjudicating these matters where the burden is put upon the honest working class citizen who then has to pay money for justice. And if you have no money for Justice you are just assed out. These perverse bureaucratic systems of the government need to be abolished! Along with that the Government needs to stay out of our families!
Jun 8th, 2018
Abdul G. from Bladenboro, NC signed.
Jun 7th, 2018
Rocky W. from Hughes Springs, TX writes:
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The corruption must end!!
Jun 7th, 2018
Someone from Carson City, NV writes:
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We have to bring light to this evil! Too many children are suffering!

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