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Stop the Epipen Price Gouging

Investigate Mylan's 420% price increase on life-saving Epipen
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Congressional Reform 2011

Make Congress A True Citizen Legislature

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legalize marijuana in wv for medical purposes

marijaua should be used for medical purposes cause it help with pain ,depression,it help cancer patients and i really dont understand why its illegal in the first place cuz there no reported deaths but beer and cigarette are legal and there the top k

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Gay Rights

We are Americans as well, so we should be able to recieve all the same rights as you.

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Implore Congress to act like responsible adults and save our country from default

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Minimum Wage for Elected Officials

Start cutting pay to the government before we cut pay of vets, elderly, and the disabled.

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Congressional Reform Bill

To effect term limits for all House of Representatives and Senators.

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Putting America Back To Work by Executive Order

Outline for Executive Orders that would immediately put Americans back to work.

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Mandatory Dyslexia Testing in All 50 States

Only one state, Texas, requires its schools to tests its children for dyslexia; therefore, many educationally challenged children are slipping through the cracks

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Term Limitations

We need term limits..

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killing Coptic in Egypt by Egyptian army

32 killed and more than 300 injured yesterday