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2. Donald Trump was impeached; yet instead of the senate taking action on the impeachment, they incompetently and deliberately held a hearing that was crafted as a means of delay and distraction. They also would not allow a chat from the WhiteHouse streaming. Those who wanted a voice had to go to Time Magazine Channel.

3. For several years, even decades, our country has been rivited by a conspiring group of politicians and beurocrats who have obviously been trying to take this country down, aligning with the Hitler Killer Machine. (blog reference: "Remove Trump Now" Month of June 2020) We believe Trump is a Satanist, part of the Satanic Underground, of which has been often described by
Dr. Ted Gunderson,
Former FBI Section chief
hero investigator on pedophilia cases
hero investigator of murder case of Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, CPT of USArmy Reserves
(Very corrupted prosecution and lack of Judicial responsibility caused Dr. McDonald to be first convicted, then acquitted which requires a dismissal, yet the court once again resurrected the case after Dr. Gunderson was murdered and after Dr. McDonald's assets had substantially increased. He did not remarry. Once again he was convicted even though they had an audio statement from one of the home invaders, obtained by Dr. Ted Gunderson, who admitted they murdered all of his family members at home in bed, simultaneously so no one would try to escape)
Dr. Gunderson was poisoned with arsenic in the State where John DeCamp, CIA agent who went on to be a Senator (Nevada), and died shortly thereafter.

4. Hon. Jeff Sessions wrote Trump's political plan for his campaigning and Trump not only deviated from it but erroneously threatened to fire Jeff Sessions, even though he broke history by joining forces and taking down the largest crime ring in the world, Alpha Bay - which operated on the Deep Web (since Edward Snowden disclosed publically how to access this military top secret website, thus resulting first in a criminal website called "Silk Road" which was taken down and the creator is in prison for life) . In addition, Jeff Sessions was a most excellent Attorney General, administering Justice. The writer of this Petition claims he was the best AG this country has ever had.

5. President Trump has on numerous occasions deliberately lied to the public and has deliberately deceived the public. He is obviously connected to a certain group of individuals who are both inside and outside government yet not acting on the interest of the public, only interest of themselves. They are both Republicans and Democrats and have nefariously meandered through the following administrations: Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and now Trump. They are destructive and created this Coronavirus Pandemic Agenda which has ruined businesses, caused tens of millions of people to be unemployed, caused millions to lose their homes and livelihoods. There has been nothing consistent with Trump's statements, he flipflops with rhetoric, yet VP Pence has consistently said that this is not something to be worried about, though he has remained stedfast to his duities to his oath of office.

6. The writer of this petition is a layperson who is unable to access the law library in order to be more legally accurate for this petition. Yet it is pertinent that this petition is relayed, for the only published petitions which have been issued are ones created by the Democrat Party and they have a collective agenda to also undermine Vice President Pence if Donald Trump is removed. This was stated as boasting comment by Scott Dworkin, a spokesperson for the Democrat Party in a Direct Message on Twitter and most likely in some of tweets. Though this writer considers the internet to be overall compromised by nefarious technocrats, Donald Trump has declared Twitter to be an official form of communication.

7. The writer of this petition believes that Donald Trump was directly and indirectly involved with murders. This writer is only capable of referring to a few events, yet clearly this would open a Pandora's Box of many more, concluding deliberate "accidents"
a. The collapse of a brand new DOT bridge in Florida, after which Trump had given his 3-month salary to their department (which is another illicit act - mismanagement of funds/Pay to Play scheme.) The writer believes that a few deaths resulted in this obviously evil, plotted event of the bridge collapse.
b. Paradise, CA. Donald Trump covered up the fires as referring to them as a campfire when even a layperson like this writer of this Petition was fully aware that campfires do not behave like that. Her father was a volunteer fire policeman for 13 years and he helped create the first NY State Fire Police Association, of which he became Vice President of. He wrote many letters and this writer recalls helping with mass mailings at home. The writer of this petition was close to her father and proudly worked for her father in various jobs from the time she was 12 years old, primarily for his food service businesses, including his mobile catering service - all of which were safe. The YouTube channel which created over 60 videos interviewing witnesses and experts on the Paradise, CA attack - was shut down. This writer has a substantial list of links on those videos, yet those links are marked as taken down by YouTube. They were posted in one of her "Pitstop of Information months in 2018. The link will be provided in her blogpost of June 2020, "Remove Trump Now".

c. Along with these aforementioned videos are videos created by others who were there at Paradise, CA. A general consensus that thousands of people were burned alive to ashes was agreed upon. Rev Franklin Graham distributed mailings with "The Ashes are beautiful" on the envelopes, which angered this writer and this writer sent him a letter telling him the impression she had of this depravity. (note, Hitler Killing Machine developed many similar tactics, most of which were "authored" by Gerber, who was Hitler's propagandist and also the real author of Mein Kampf, even though Hitler took credit for it. Along with these videos by A Plane Truth (Jaimee Lee) were videos created by others who were at Paradise and a conclusion of thousands of victims were burned alive to ashes. Thousands of cars were burned to just their framework. The writer of this petition is sure Jeff Sessions would have been right on top of this and aggressively investigate the death and destruction - had it not been for the firing of Jeff Sessions, a convenient way for Trump to "dodge the bullet". Additionally, Hon. Rex Tillerson would have been able to issue investigation if just one foreign dignitary or citizen of a foreign country was listed as missing. The firing of Rex Tillerson was an obvious intention to impede justice since Hon. Tillerson would have investigated timely. As an additional piece of knowledge, a longstanding cult which may have been the Theocracy Society, hid a treasure in that Paradise, CA area, known to only a very few members. At the time they planned to roll out a last phase of destruction to take over the USA , they were to get this saved treasure to assist in their nefarious plans. This may be why Trump picked Paradise, CA to attack with the Boeing Laser Weapons.
d. The George Floyd case. This case has taken so many turns and twists, it is obvious that Trump's handlers are dictating what to say and do to reflect a Hitler Killer Machine Jr. plan. Note, many fake deaths were created to help Hitler's Henchmen escape. These somewhat-brilliantly pulled-off events to convince the public obviously include corpse replacements - using the bodies of dead men who looked like each Henchman who faked a death. This writer emphasizes that Officer Tippet was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald the same day he was charged with killing JFK even though he wasn't at the scene and he quickly put two and two together, realizing Officer Tippet was no threat to the public, as he was told, and was not going to kill JFK - they just wanted his body because he looked like JFK using the Hitler Killer Machine as a model. Mr. Oswald was a CIA sniper, believing what he did was to serve and protect the country. The CIA got the mafia attorney to murder Mr. Oswald in the public eye because that's what satanists do when they really hate someone. It's an implied message to all, "You Could Be Next". These delusional sociopaths have had a longstanding belief system that THEY, not the actual government, have Supreme Authority over the USA, which this writer reminds all that it stands for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not incorporated. If any country has supreme ruling over USA, it would be England, our Mother Country. There has been argument that Spain is the real mother country since Spain’s Queen, who was the richest leader in the world at that time, funded Christopher Columbus to explore the USA - and America is a Spanish name. Yet they never really landed in US soil - they landed in the Caribbean. Note, the USA greatly broke alliance with Spain when they created the Spanish flu in North Carolina and distributed it in phases, throughout the world, naming it the Spanish flu since Spain refused to participate in World War 1. Upon the 200th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, NY Queen Elizabeth II went to this celebration and was degraded by one of the Bushes, I believe it was GW Bush - not GHW Bush. (there is much buzz that He was not given the exact same name as his father because Bill Clinton is he real first born, fathered as a Satanic Ritual. Barbara Bush was daughter of Aleister Crowley) He publically made a statement that Queen Elizabeth II was probably around when they settled too, something to that effect. It was indeed a very disrespectful and abusive statement to say in Public and the last time Queen Elizabeth came to the USA.
d(1) It is common knowledge now that the case of George Floyd vs the Minneapolis officer, who was a friend of his, was rigged. If he did die, he was remotely controlled by a computer chip or drugged or mind controlled by another method such as hypnosis. They may have wanted him to behave in a certain manner and say certain things, such as "I can't breathe" rather than "get the hell off my neck, you're breaking it!" Those like the writer of this petition, who have suffered real neck injury, fully understand how painful it is and breathing would be secondary since the trachea is in the front of the neck, not the back. If Mr. Floyd couldn't breathe, he wouldn't be able to talk or his attempt to talk would be result in moving mouth only. His affected site was primarily the back of the neck, an area this writer knows all too well how much it can hurt. This writer suffered a half of a whiplash, which is much worse than a whiplash. Her neck was thrusted forward yet did not snap back into position and she had to live with an over-extended neck without treatment since the attorney who represented her only wanted to cover up the harm done to her since they were unsuccessful in murdering her to help the obvious sex trafficking pig. This writer was in a cervical collar for two months in the hospital and bed ridden for one month more due to sever injury to her legs. The case was represented by the brother of Donald Kendall, who was CEO of PepsiCo and had hired a hitman to kill the President of Chile because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country. (Now that a business official from India owns Pepsi, this writer is hopeful that this bad reputation has been rectified, including the prevention of contaminants being in the soda - since Bill Clinton deregulated the FDA and basically it was every man for himself when consumers ate food. Most of the FDA were Monsanto executives who crossed over to government life and of course, retained a large amount of stock investments which they would want continuous profits on. Today, June 8, 2020, a wake or memorial service was held for George Floyd and from viewing the livestream video, it was obvious they did have an open casket, though a number of people tried to study the body to see if there were any touch ups or plastic surgery, it was difficult due to the constant stream of people and the need for the line to continue moving. Of all songs for a choir to sing, they sang one about Manifestation - which alludes to a Satanic ritual. Obviously, what we see is NOT what we get and President Trump covers up crimes as he is dictated by his obvious handlers, who were not elected with him. The office of President is greatly compromised and thus reason to REMOVE TRUMP NOW.
8. FALSE FLAG EVENTS, BRUTAL ATTACKS ON FOREIGN COUNTRIES. False flag events include fake murders as well as murders. The writer of this petition claims, as with prior Presidents, that false flag events have been perpetrated through the Office of US President to achieve political and self-serving wants and nothing to do with service to the American public. They have murdered thousands of people (such as on D-Day when Japan bombed Hawaii's Pearl Harbor due to the set up by US propagandists, etc) and they have falsely reported deaths which enabled them to release trillions of dollars over decades - to include murders of JFK (actually murdered by MTF transgender Jackie Kennedy), Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy, and JFK Jr. - these murders have never been sufficiently investigated or reported accurately. It is of utmost disgrace that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's death has been so badly covered up. The writer of this petition has shared her notes with an educated and respected individual on YouTube this week, asking if he or someone he knows, may create at least an investigatory video which may lead to a full blown prosecution or, if the accused would be deceased, a full blown recording of the real conclusion, coming from the Office of Attorney General. The King family filed a lawsuit for MLK's wrongful death, which took the heat off those who were right next to him and probably part of the set up to get him murdered. They made a "heil Hitler" gesture right after he was shot, yet lied about saying they had to tell police where the bullet was shot from. How would they know where the bullet came from? And, most likely the man who shot MLK was a black man with long sideburns, and to put more twist in the story the police department made a last minute switch for an officer with long sideburns to patrol that area. Most likely it was NOT that officer for numerous circumstantial reasons - the main being these men such as Al Sharpton claiming they had to tell the police officer where the bullet came from, so that officer was not able to be the shooter. Most likely that shooter was a Black Panther, hired by CIA to disrupt and cause riots and give the Black Panthers more reason to incite violence and also give more attention to Malcolm X, who created his cult Nation of Islam, which the Muslim Brotherhood refused to recognize due to the violent methods, etc. The writer of this petition believes that Jeff Sessions was uncovering cases from prior administrations as well as preparing the largest sting operation in history, as a result of the takedown of Alpha Bay and probably other circumstances. He had thousands of sealed indictments and Donald Trump refused him military backup to prevent a civil war. Most likely the information obtained from NSA Mike Flynn (retired General) aided more administration of Justice by Hon. Jeff Sessions and PRESIDENT TRUMP WANTED TO SUPPRESS THE EFFORTS IN ADMINISTERING JUSTICE.
b. BRUTAL ATTACKS ON FOREIGN COUNTRIES BASED ON LIES. Among these brutal attacks would be Syria, Venezuala, Iran, and China. Note, In 2014, the WOMD which Saddam Hussein had** was located in Syria and placed in a multi-ton container on a retired navy ship and sunk in the ocean. (**(reported by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell - whom the writer of this petition claims was the best Secretary of State our country has ever had; and it is unfortunate that Hon. Rex Tillerson did not have the full opportunity to realize his potential due to Trump erroneously firing him when he was out of the country, in a tweet. Yet Trump continued to push this false narrative as method to get people to hate the country, the government and "it's time for a revolution and I am on your side" like Adolf Hitler did to Germany. Bush, Clinton, Obama - all tried this according to what their handlers dictated. IT IS WELL UNDERSTOOD THAT TRUMP AND HIS HANDLERS ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO INCITE WAR, YET OUR FOREIGN FRIENDS ARE AWARE THEY ARE BEING PROVOKED BY THE ENEMY WITHIN AND STAND DOWN - EVEN WHEN TRUMP HAS PEOPLE MURDERED. Not only was General Solemeni hunted and brutally murdered, Trump attacked Iran with bombs. General Solemeni was killed wrongfully just as Officer Tippet in Dallas, TX was. The ones who did the shooting were following orders and lied to about why. China has been brutally attacked by geo-engineering. Attacks include recently numerous dams collapsing in the Pakistan area. Also there was a plane crash in Pakistan. Note, additionally Trump devised methods of entrapment to include later blaming China for attacking Paradise, CA with DEWs even though Trump purchased tons of Boeing Laser Weapons five months prior to the Paradise CA attack - and he pushed the Campfire story until he could no longer get away with it. And just like his tactic with the Coronavirus Agenda, he said, “I didn’t ever think it was a Campfire.” It is unfortunate that the same video channel, Blackstone Intelligence, which reported the absurd purchases five months prior to the attack, clammed right up when this writer requested he make a statement on that. Therefore this writer stopped following Blackstone Intelligence and unpublished the blog post she made on her blog before the Senate had Google steal her domain (appleofmyeyes) and take down her blog for 18 months since she tweeted her blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary. Google eventually allowed her to purchase a new domain. During the 18 months this writer informed people what a setback it was, since she wanted to share notes so they could be reviewed and processed by researchers. Edit 9June2020: This writer neglected to elaborate on Syria, which did not attack its people with anything, (like Americans did to Americans on September 11, 2001!) - let alone use WOMD as Trump accused them of. They were obviously false flags caused by USA-hired terrorists, probably using some of Saddam Hussein's leftover WOMD - though there was much left - ready to use in a WW3, although they were located and Hon. Colin Powell had them safely disposed of. Trump dropped 59 bombs on Syria in one nefarious operation alone! This plot was not part of the Trump campaign agenda, as written by Hon. Jeff Sessions. Syria and Russia still stood down as far as war with USA was concerned. Note, the chosen "59" was most likely plotted as a Satanic ritual against Hon. Rex Tillerson, since his office address bldg number is 59 in Texas. The Satanists consider themselves as anti-heros. They are obviously sociopathic criminals! Not one of those 59 attacked the ISIS headquarters in Syria! Shortly thereafter, the President Barham Salih of Iraq, sent his bomber to destroy the ISIS headquarters since Trump was obviously protecting the crooks. Trump THEN had the audacity to attack Iraq! Again, Iraq stood down from retaliating against USA, understanding the Enemy Within was at fault and not representing the will of the American population.
c. Domestic events include murders and mass murders as well as geo-engineering the weather and causing earthquakes and other severe activity such as the mudslides in Michigan - which recently took out at least three poorly maintained dams. The heavy flooding damaged or destroyed over 10,000 homes and polluted an immense area of Michigan. Lake Michigan is known to be the most polluted lake of the Great Lakes. Motor vehicle accidents which have no explanation other than they were obviously remotely controlled should be considered. Numerous plane crashes before, during, and after September 11 should be considered since Mike Pompeo was a CIA man and owned Thayer Aerospace - yet Trump appointed him as CIA Director anyway, despite the obvious underlying scandal which should have been further investigated. And Mike Pompeo took Rex Tillerson's position as Secretary of State after leaving as CIA director before he was slapped with military charges since Secretary James Mattis of the Defense Department was able to get USMC to agree to bomb the CIA opium factories in Afghanistan as an attack on the War against illegal drugs - which Pompeo was covering up. USMC also raided CIA offices which put Pompeo in desperate need of emergency immunity before Trump could fire more military generals and AG's to cover up the crimes. Obama did the similar thing and no doubt had the same handlers telling him to. Mike Pompeo enjoyed the emergency immunity by taking Rex Tillerson's job. Note, Trump went to Rex Tillerson's office at Exxon, where he was CEO, and pleaded with him to be his Secretary of State if he won the election. Also note, George Soros funded Trump's campaign by writing off $250M in financing Trump Tower - one of the many reasons Trump does not disclose his tax reports, which is withholding information and this nondisclosure should be considered a violation of public trust. This constant game of Devil's Chessboard is reflective of treason. Even if one event occurred, it would undoubtedly be reason to REMOVE TRUMP NOW.


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