Rules of Engagement for Law Enforcement

I am writing to express concern about the actions and lack of oversight for our local Law Enforcement Agencies. As more and more videos go viral showing improper use of force by those charged with the duty of protecting Americans within the cities in our great country, a need has arise start holding law enforcement to the same standards as our armed forces.

While deployed for the defense of our country, soldiers are subject to the Rules of Engagement. It does not matter if it is a wartime mission or peacekeeping mission, the Rules of Engagement governs how we are suppose to react to each situation. The Armed Forces are high to this high standard on the world stage because of the principles that the United States represents. It is time that our law enforcement are held to the same standards. As more and more videos surfaces, showing the aggressive and some inappropriate actions taken by law enforcement in different areas of the county, some actions which are taken using military grade tactics and/or equipment, and as such should be held to the same level of accountability as soldiers when deploying these methods and equipment. Soldiers, who are trained from basic training to shoot center mass when firing, have to assess the situation and take use the correct escalation of force. A personal believe that ones life is in danger without clear and visual threat would not be enough for soldiers to use deadly force and it should be the same for law enforcement. Obviously, the exact same rules of engagement for military might be a little extreme for a civilian force, but it would be a good area to start and to restore the trust decades of brutality and racism has destroy between law enforcement and the public in which they serve.

I urge Congress to pass a bill that would require Department of Justice to define clear rules of engagement for law enforcement when interacting with all of those they are sworn to protect and serve. Let's create something positive from the negative so a change. We are looking to our elected officials to set the example and pave the way for change in this country that we all love.

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