Vote NO on S.3176

I am urgently writing to request that you vote NO on Senate Bill S.3176, which calls to aid Israel with $38 billion dollars of US taxpayer money. This bill is specifically designed to help fund the continued annexation of Palestinian land and further the displacement and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

The human rights abuses that are unapologetically cast upon the Palestinian people have been recognized by the international community as illegal and genocidal. If this predatory bill is approved, it will condemn the Palestinian people to another FULL DECADE of brutality, abuse, destruction of homes, and very limited health options. As an advocate for human rights and an opponent of genocide, I ask that you to uphold our core American values of freedom and liberty by denying this funding.

Furthermore, the tax money of US citizens should never be used to help facilitate human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing. It would be a profound injustice to use our tax money to specifically target a single group of people: Palestinians. I can assure you that the entire human rights supporter constituency is watching your decision and the decisions of your fellow officeholders. In this crucial & decade-defining moment, we request that you vote NO on Senate Bill S.3176 and support human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.