Government for the People, By the People

The governor of Virginia proclaimed the Confederate Monument in Richmond will come down and be moved due to the death of Floyd and the protests and rioting.
Just yesterday, the Mayor of Washington, DC allowed the painting of the street in Big Yellow Letters, "BLACK LIVES MATTER". Since when did a mayor have the authority to show support of protests and graffiti to show her/his own racial prejudice through this type of statement. The mayor of Los Angeles is going to cut the budget of the Police Dept. by 6 million dollars to appease the rioters and looters and the protesters.
Denver ordered police to use no means of deterring protests, riots or looting.
Since when does the Governing authority cower down to violence, looting, rioting which are all criminal acts? The Governing is to be for all people, instead they bow down to a few and give them anything they want.
America better wake up! If our Governing systems can't handle the unrest in their own city, if they side with law breakers and approve of their methods their cities are doomed.
There is a right way and a wrong way to address these situations and protests on the streets has proven over and over again it is the wrong way.
I call on Congress who also is siding with the lawbreakers to change our methods of allowing protests. If someone has issues there are petitions that can be processed to our legislature. A shameful and disgraceful example is prayer was taken out of schools by Congress and by a mere 20,000 signatures.
Stop allowing protests on the streets, which incites rioting and replace it with petitioning as I am doing.

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