Human Rights and Equality

I am requesting that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the laws that govern the country, states, cities, communities, and the people as individuals to be revamped or completely rewritten with every citizen being viewed as equals; not property or less than human by a fractional measure.

I am requesting every human born in this land or legally immigrated to this land be afforded the same rights and given the same assistance; that no one be given special treatments.

I am requesting that all positions of power to include political offices, government agencies, and all law enforcement on the federal, state, county, city, park and community levels be completely overhauled. That extensive background investigations be held for all positions and that anyone that is a member or supporter of any racist or supremacy groups, secret societies or violence be excluded from holding any office that has influence or power over the people.

We need fair-minded laws and fair-minded people to safeguard us. We can't have equality if we have people in places of influence and power that are biased and looking to advance their own agendas rather than looking out for the rights of the people as a whole.

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