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Boycott imports Made in China

Help protect the health of America, Boycott imported goods Made in China.

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children need to know they are adopted

adopted children have the right to know their parents are looking for them

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SIPC Coverage for Stanford Fraud Victims

Stanford Victims Coalition - Seeking Justice for International Fraud

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Taxed Enough Already

Cut Pork-Barrel Spending - Stop Printing Money - Balance the Budget!

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Support the Death Penalty for Child Killers!

Please sign if you would support a Death Peanlty Imposed for Convicted Child Killers!!

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STOP H.R. 669 AND S. 373!!

Don't Let Your Precious Pets Be Taken Away!

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Should federal employees get a pay raise while government debt is increasing by trillions of dollars?

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Improve Public Transit & Fix Old Roads/Bridges in 2010!!

Determine how 6-Years Worth of TAXPAYER MONEY will be spent by Congress in the upcoming