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Predators Behind Bars

Keep sexual predators in jail so they do not get out and repeat the crime.

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Harsher Punishments for Sex Offenders

Harsher punishments for sex offenders so there will be no repeat acts!

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FDA to Approve DCA

DCA is a drug that has been proven to possible cure cancer.

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No More Politics As Usual - Stop Disrespecting Americans

The floors of government belong to the American public, and when Congressmen and Congresswomen stand on these floors and tell lies or distort the truth, they are disrespecting the citizens who sent them to Congress to represent them. Respect is a tw

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Petition to designate Taps as our National Song of Remembrance

The bugle call Taps is a national treasure and should be recognized as such.

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Revise Food Stamp Program for Healthier America

Removing pre-processed, prepakaged, chemical laden foods from the Food Stamp Program.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Policy Changes for Employment

People wiith disabilities should have the right to work without immediate loss of SSI benefits.

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americas second chance for its youth and economy

if americas economy needs a second chance its youth has to get one first

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Affordable Health Care For All

Urge Congress to Pass Affordable Health Care For All, Now!