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Bring home our military DOGS

HELP our military working dogs COME HOME!

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The Law of Contradiction (The Contradiction of Laws)

Helping protect America?s constitutional rights sense 2009, we at lobby for the best interest of the people! Don?t be hurt again by your government, take action now!

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Extend Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Over 15 million Americans are unemployed, with a majority unemployed for longer than 6 months. Tell Congress to continue to extending these benefits, to help us continue to put food on our tables and pay our bills.

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We don't want to glorify the very people that killed 3,000 Americans there.

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The jobless aren't

Stop playing politics with American families lives.

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Stop all Federal Contracts with British Petroleum

Direct the EPA to issue a discretionary debarment against British Petroleum for future and current contracts.

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99 Rule Unemployment Extension Compensation

Extend Unemployment Compensation to those who still have not found a job!

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Stop Fossil Fuel Use

Crisis brought on by the dependence on fossil fuels.