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House Dems: Pass the Senate Health Care Bill

Urge House Democrats to pass the Senate's version of the health care overhaul.

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Please Fix the Material Support Bar - 212(a)(3)(B)

Please sign this petition to help Congress to fix the Matrial Support Bar

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Universal Single Payer Legalcare for All Now!

Demand Affordable Accessible Legalcare for All Americans.

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Bring Ron Jr back home Petition.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Let's help to bring Ron Jr back to the only home he knows.

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The Status of Coptic in Egypt as of 2010

Stop The Genocide of Coptic Christians by Msulims , The so called ?religion of peace? has been causing systematic and frequent ethnic cleansing against Christians to wipe them from their homeland a ?Coptic Holocaust?.

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Help with rewriting the United states of america rehabilitation act of 1973

This will benefit all blind citizens who are newly blind and citizens who have been blind since birth to be successful in their lives

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Say "No" to Conrad-Gregg

Say "No" to Conrad-Gregg it is flawed !

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Stop unfair credit reporting being used in the job hiring process

A lot of people credit are low do to the recession