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Alyssas Law

To ensure heftier fines and consequences for unlicensed teen drivers and their parents

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FSC Cigarettes are even worse for people and the planet!

The new FSC Cigarettes are bad for your health and the planet.

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Stop the unconstitutional Cap and Trade Bill

Stop S. 1733 and/or H.R. 2454 et al. Cap and Trade

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Congressional Leaders Get Unlimited Healthcare for $503/Year. Do YOU?

Congressional Leaders Get Unlimited Healthcare for $503/Year. Do YOU??

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"United American Families Act"

40,000+bi-national couples forced to live in separation or in exile. allow them to sponsor their partner to live with them

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Stop BIG government and BIG Spending

I am committed to exposing your failing plan and taking back my nation from the brink of economic destruction.

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Stop playing politicis with Michigan children!

Reject House Bill for Education cuts.

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We need a new ammendment

If all men are created equal, why are our elected officials getting special treatment?

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No to Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962)

Latest Version Of ObamaCare Is By Far The Worst: