Ban All Animal Testing for Cosmetics in the US

It is time for the United States to follow the European Union's lead and ban all animal testing for cosmetics in the United States.

The European Union is set to ban sale of animal tested cosmetics from March 11 this year. This isn't just for high-end products: all toiletries and beauty products, from skin cream to toothpaste, will be affected.

Earlier this year, Israel also passed a ban on animal testing.

It is now time for the US to ban animal testing on cosmetics. 94% of all animal testing is done for the sake of makeup, toiletries and household cleansers. This needless torture which involves burning, blinding, maiming and killing dogs, cats, bunnies and mice is absolutely unconscionable and must end. We can?t call ourselves a humane nation until we stop these institutionalized practices of animal cruelty.

We urge our representatives to create and sponsor legislation that will stop animal testing for cosmetics.