Support One World Government

One People, One Religion, One Government

An open letter to ALL of our elected officials,

The time has come for the United States of America to endorse the establishment of a One World Government to unite mankind and bring global peace and cooperation to the world. If we have a one world government, humanity would work collaboratively to progress humanity through science and space exploration. Also with a one world government there will be less chances of a World War. I understand there are constitutional issues that would have to be open for discussion, but I'm confident after an open honest dialogue between all the worlds leaders, perhaps one day, a peaceful agreement can be reached which will pave the way to open borders, nuclear disarmament, elimination of poverty and starvation, combat global warming and sharing of the worlds resources. We can all strive for a peaceful solution by coming together united in the name of humanity. Please support my petition for the betterment of mankind.

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