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Support House Resolution 188 to assist in ending Qadhaffi regime in Libya

Supporting Libyan People in Uprising Against Qadhaffi regime

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Get Our Legislators to Make HSV Testing a Routine Part of Annual Exams

During your annual wellness exams, doctors are leaving out this important test.

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Oppose George Soros' assault on U.S. CONSTITUTION

effort funded by Geoge Soros to push for a new "progressive" U.S. Constitution

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Denouncing the practices of Female Genital Mutilation and all types of violence against women

Participation, protection, recognition, and equality of women is crucial to achieving a just, moral and peaceful society.

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Human Rights Violation: End Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia and Sudan Now

Help support and advocate for our cause to end FGM in Sudan and Somalia; to protect the human rights of women and end this atrocity.

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Enforce GMO Labeling

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Investigate Economic Terrorism within the SEIU.

SEIU leaders and speakers have stated that they want to bring down the U.S. economy. This is economic terrorism and needs to be investigated by Congress and the FBI.