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Protect The 2nd Amendment

This right gave us our freedom. We have to fight for it

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Prohibit Military Sonar and Seismic Testing harming Marine Mammals

Prohibit the use of mid frequency sonar exercises projected to harm and or/kill up to 9 million Marine Mammals.

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Demand Term Limits

Stop the abuse of power!

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Tell Congress NO to Universal Background Checks

Craven Weasel, Senator Chuck Schumer Plans To Screw Law Abiding Citizens

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Stop Child Abuse in Religious Acts!

Children being forced to get a tattoo for a religious cause.

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Against Chemtrails Take action !


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Protect Our Schools

Install metal detectors and employ armed police officers in every school campus in America.

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Make harassment of the mentally ill a hate crime

This is a petition that calls on Congress to make the harassment of the mentally ill a hate crime.