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Doctor Assisted Suicide

Doctor Assisted Suicide takes away clients rights to life, and we demand that Doctor Assisted Suicide be banned in all parts of the world.

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Friends of Syria International Coalition Demand the Ouster of Assad.

Friends of Syria International Coalition Take action no more words.

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Reject the global UN Small Arms Treaty.

The UN Small Arms Treaty is a GLOBAL gun control/confiscation program.

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Support The TREAT ACT (Transforming the Regulatory Environment to Accelerate Access to Treatments)

The TREAT Act, introduced by U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-Greensboro, accelerates the review and approval process for medicines that treat an unmet medical need or significantly advance the standard of care for people suffering from deadly diseases.

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Illegal Immigration

because it is one of the laws of our land.

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Justice and Truth for Marine Sgt. Ralph Freitas

Seeking the truth behind so called "Non-Hostile and Suicides" deaths.

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Spread Awareness: Human Trafficking

An estimated 17,500 people are trafficked into the US every year, and currently there are approximately 100,000 children being sexually exploited by traffickers.

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Pill Mills in Florida

Strengthen Florida Laws to Stop Pill Mills and Trafficking of Oxycontin

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Too many children are being abused by a system that was put into place to protect them WE THE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK IN EVERY STATE

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Request to audit the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve has never had an audit.