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"Do Not Disclose"

We want to control the privacy of our medical records

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repeal the bill

help repeal the health care bill

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Florida Senate Bill 6


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say no to health care bill

free health care? who really pays?

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Repeal the Medicaid Institutes for Mental Diseases (IMD) Exclusion

Long-term care should be accessible for everyone, no matter what the illness is called or where in the body the illness originates. End Discrimination against people with severe mental illness.

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Stop Health Care Bill

Time is short! Protect your Freedom Now!

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Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The U.S. has not ratified this Convention, which recognizes the fundamental human rights of children.

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Support Hydrogen-On-Demand made cheaply FROM WATER--FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN OIL

National Security, boost small-business and innovation, put America back to Work, and protect Earth!