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Stop Fossil Fuel Use

Crisis brought on by the dependence on fossil fuels.

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No Mass Amnesty by Executive Order

Several Senators have learned of a possible plan by the Obama Administration that would provide a mass Amnesty for the nation's 11-18 million illegal aliens.

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Extend Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment in Florida is very high unable to find a job after 1-1/2 years unemployed

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Manage the Gulf oil spill NOW!!

Take action to help the residents, businesses, environment and sea life of the Gulf of Mexico

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Financial Fraud by TDAM/ Reserve Fund is costing investors millions of dollars!

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Petition North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge to Resign Immediately

Even if the Congressman doesn't get charged and convicted of assault, he should at least step down.

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Petition to ban K2 in New Hampshire

Synthetic marijuana a growing trend among teens