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Stop Pay Cut on U.S. Soldiers

There is a $698 billion Dollar pay cut ordered on our soldiers!!!!!

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The Collective Initiative Petition to declare North Birmingham Elementary School a historic landmark

This will help one of the top elementary schools in the nation avoid being closed and merged.

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Harassment of Abuse Victims

Victims of abuse through domestic violence are not safe with current restraining order laws.

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The surviving military family members of Marine Colonel Mike Stahlman needs action that only you can provide.

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HR 327

Law Enforcement Officer Equity

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north Dakota ,execution of 4 Native Americans ICE dropped the ball

A Somali undocumented male was released by ICE before the murders

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Justice For Patrick!

Kisha Curtis released from jail--bail dismissed!

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End Discriminatory Practice of the Visa Number Allocation Process

Discriminatory Practice Led to Disadvantage of China Employment-Based Second Preference in FY 2011, We Need to End it Now!