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Save some cost at the pump law

This law would stop gas stations from changing the price tell after they get the new gas in there tanks

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Free Jordan Orr from LA County's Child Prison

Please help free my 4 yr old Grandson from LA DCFS

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Practical Miles

If we drive it, we should be paid for it!

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Congressional Reform Act of 2011

Congressional Term Limits, No Pensions, Same Health Care, Stopping Pay Raises, No Immunity to Laws

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Save Florida's Manatees!

Human activity may be their downfall...

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This petition will help protect children and the families envolved.

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Put PRAYER Back In Schools!

PRAYER is needed in our schools across this nation! Let's put PRAYER back in schools!

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Human Services loan Forgiveness

Human Services gives back to people and do not get paid what they should at the very least like teachers since we are faciliting recovery and giving guidance our student loans should be forgiven too.

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Change the GI Bills transferability

This petition is to change how soldiers can transfer their GI Bill to their dependants.