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Provide free spaying/neutering to all low-income pet owners!

To provide a budget so low-income families can spay/neuter their pets or strays.

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No Plea Bargains Involving a Death

Justice involving death No Plea Bargain-Full Sentencing Of this Crime

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Put Children's health Above Politics: Vote to pass Trevor's Law- Senate Bill S.76

S. 76 will create an agency within the EPA to handle suspected childhood cancer clusters throughout the country and will respond to pleas from parents in any community that suspects that toxins may have caused this cancer cluster, and if there is suf

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Save Head Start

Head Start is an amazing educational experience for children from 3-5 years old!

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Stop playing games

Government has been playing games with our money and it is time to stop.

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Save some cost at the pump law

This law would stop gas stations from changing the price tell after they get the new gas in there tanks

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Free Jordan Orr from LA County's Child Prison

Please help free my 4 yr old Grandson from LA DCFS