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Seeking Truth

Liars have lately made a lot of demands to protect the Christians in Egypt. Accurate information should be sought before jumping to unfair conclusions.

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Tell Congress to pass the "Prompt Decision for Qualification for Short Sale Act of 2011"

America's economic recovery requires the passage the 'Short Sale Act of 2011.'

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End Genital Mutilation in The United States

Supporting the MGM Bill will ensure the protection of children from genital mutilation

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International protection to Egypt

Continuing blatant persecution against Christians in Egypt

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Make more laws that protect the welfare of animals

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Temporary Protected Status for Libyans Currently in the US

We are asking that Obama add Libya to the list of countries designated for TPS to allow current Libyan Nationals to remain in the United States due to the circumstances in Libya.

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The Tejano Land Grant Movement

Justice for the Texas land grants owners and their heirs

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Tell the President to Stop Supporting Cop Killers !!!

Why has a Rapper who glorified NJ trooper killer been invited to White House?

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Support the DREAM ACT!!

DREAM Act helps economy revive, create more jobs and raises middle class incom.

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America FIRST before Other Counties

We the Citizens of America wants Our Government to do what's right