Petition For Redress Against Unconstitutional Acts

The first amendment to the constitution gives American citizens the right to petition our governmentt for redress when our government actions contradicts or violates the constitution.

Dear Elected Official:

It has become clear that the Constitution of the United States is being violated by countless actions of this administration, the judiciary, and the house of Congress. These violations pose a direct threat to our liberties and the rule of law. They jeopardize our very existence as a free nation. Consequently, we are deeply concerned that many of our elected officials have abdicated their oath of office to protect the Constitution, either by act or omission.

Constitutional Defenders of Texas has organized in response to the failure of those leaders who do not share our nations vision of liberty. We have investigated and chronicled both the violations and violators and are publishing educational materials to inspire public action. The record of history is clear. For nearly three centuries we have resisted tyranny abroad. There is a growing concern that, while we have been resilient against foreign enemies, we risk losing a more insidious and subtle internal struggle. It is our duty, as free people, to maintain our status as such.

We petition your explicit support and immediate response as we demand redress from the government and its agents regarding these violations. A constitutional republic requires leaders, chosen by the governed, to serve as guarantors of their sole constituency; liberty. When those in government are destructive towards these means, it is the duty of the governed to alter their course. If these efforts are met with resistance, the preservation of liberty requires that those unfit and unwilling to serve as guarantors be immediately removed and replaced.

While this letter serves as encouragement for you to reaffirm your sworn oath and your unconditional commitment to the protection of our liberty, we will aggressively pursue the restoration of our rights with or without your blessing.

Violations to the Constitution at this link,

Help Save Our Nation,

Constitutional Defenders of Texas,