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Stop Euthanasia by Gas Chamber for Animals

Euthanasia by gas chamber is inhumane for people, why not for animals?

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Oppose HR 3012

Oppose HR 3012, a bill that benefits that hurts rest of the world except two countries

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Abusers may no longer be entitled to abused womens Pension

Men who abuse women should not be (rewarded) "entitled" to their ex-wives pensions.

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Allowing Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses to Apply for Employment Authorization.

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Medicare Coverage for the Omni Pod Insulin Pump!

Change the Code Numbers and wording for the Omni Pod Insulin Pump so that Medicare will be able to cover it!

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rid america of republican politicians who choose party over country

the do nothing congress need to be voted out..we dont want unamericans ruining this they ve done the last 40 years...time to hold them accountable