Child Support reform

New Jersey's outlook on child support

Many family courts across the nation, the majority of them favor the female when it comes to awarding child support amounts. New Jersey uses a computerized formula that dictates a amount based on income from the non custodial, parenting time, tax information etc. What the Garden State fails to realize is that this system is bias and very old to say the least. Also many judges go on earning potential that in no way can be properly documented via a paper trial. A concept that is constantly misused in court is the best interest of the child this never guarantees that a child will live in a respectable neighboorhood, premiuim education opprotunities as they get older etc. Furthermore Child support should never appear on a parents credit report. More finances does not mean more time but more stress. Monies accumulated with a support order need to fully accounted for and expense statements to maximize accuracy so everything a child needs or want is spent with that money.