child support reform

child support is affecting fathers credit and passports

Dear Congress. I was paying my daughter's mother 300 a month for five years. She didn't think that was enough and we went to court. Based on my income , I was responsible for paying her $850 a month. They go all the way back to the first day of my child life and credit me for $300/month for 5years/60 months=$18,000 but the court said I should have paid her $700/month for 5 years which summed up to an additional $24,000 in back pay. My job has been deducting payments from my check since I was forced to pay; therefore, I have never missed a payment, but my credit report shows that I am in collection for $24000. First, this is not fair to a man that hasn't never missed a payment and how would I have known that I should have been paying $700 a month if the mother agreed on the $300 monthly. Second , why isn't there a statue of limitation on how many years you can go back for back pay. If a mother didn't come the years before than it only seems right that she shouldn't be granted back pay for them years. This is really discouraging and unfair to all men that are being treated this way. We don't have any protection from the child support system. What happen to justice for all.