Stop Internet Sex Stings

Internet Sex Stings are Entrapment

Hello I am Tyler from Colorado I am starting this petition to stop internet sex stings in the Nation because the stings are entrapment the stings are violation of our 1st amendment rights and the police officers posing as a minor or child on a legal dating websites violate of our unconditional rights and also I am along the ones who was arrested and convicted in 2006 in a internet sex stings and now I have to register as a sex offender and have to take sex offender treatment from these stings. The internet sex stings should be stopped immediately and pardon everyone who was arrested and convicted from these stings help me to stop these stings and Ban all law enforcement to use all social media networks and dating websites. So many lives as been destroyed from these stings cops are tricking people to commit a crime. Help me to restore these lives who was destroyed from these stings and help me to take back control. Cops who is posing as a minors in adult chatrooms and adult dating websites are unconditional. Have these sex stings to be reviewed. Thank you from Tyler Beckstrom from Colorado