Dump Duncan

Arne Duncan has illegally coerced 45 states to adopt a set of untetsed and unproven education standards along with the required use of federally funded exams, invalid teacher evaluation plans, and the improper use of student data to be used for corpo

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education is not qualified to hold any position in a public school mush less a federal cabinet post as Secretary of Education. he has not spent on working moment in a public school and is now the government steward for nearly 50 million students..

He has used his power to effectively force the adoption of Common Core standards by 45 states.This was accomplished by two different means:

1) Offering cash incentives to states through Race to the Top contest

2) Offering NCLB waivers against impossible AYP goal of 100% proficiency by 2014

Arne Duncan's incentives for Race to the Top and/or NCLB waiver rights included four closelu connected requirements:

1) Adoption of Common Core standards

2) Using PARCC and SBAC computer based and federally funded ($325 million) assessments

3) The requirement that teacher evaluations be tied to student test scores

4) The establishment of student data mining systems by states. Note, in order to make this happen, Duncan used his influence and power to change FERPA law.

Arne Duncan has been a shameless promoter of the Common Core standards and charter schools. He routinely criticizes public schools, their teachers, and yes, even students and their parents.

Arne Duncan is using his position and the tremendous influence and voice that come with it to undermine public education - an absolute cornerstone of American society. The damage that will occur to a generation of students will be incalculable if he remains as Secretary of Education.