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We the People demand that Congress STOP President Obama from allowing Syrian refugees from coming to America. Many of the ones he wants to allow into our country will be those that are desperately poor. These are the same people or many of the same who danced in the street celebrating 9/11, the same people who hate us. We have our share of problems within the USA and sure do not need anymore. Congress must take action before America ends up like Europe with their refugee problems. Bottom line we cannot afford to take these refugees in.
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Feb 16th, 2015
Someone from Missouri Valley, IA writes:
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The U.S. must not be further exposed to terrorism that are of the kind like the Tsarnaevs or the Minnesota Somalis who have joined ISIS. Syria is the birthplace of ISIS and of continual civil wars- we do not need to import such a war-like people into our American neighborhoods. ISIS will attempt to recruit Syrian refugees in order to carry out terroristic acts on American soil.
Feb 4th, 2015
Someone from Royersford, PA writes:
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Take care of us,let muslim countries take care of their own
Dec 29th, 2014
Someone from Orange Park, FL writes:
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We need to help only those Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle .east ..maybe Jews but no more Muslims..we are getting too many poor uneducated, cannot handle so many poor,,close down these until we absorb present!
Dec 28th, 2014
Someone from Orange Park, FL signed.
Dec 16th, 2014
Someone from Winchester, CA signed.
Mar 19th, 2014
Someone from Missouri Valley, IA signed.
Aug 27th, 2013
Someone from Denver, CO writes:
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Here we are unable to take care of our own here in the USA and you want to bring over 500k+ refugees here. With the lack of job and medical we are suffering. When people of disability/special needs can't get the help to function in today's society. There is little help and what help there is you want to just give it away. Many of these refugees with be traumatized have war wounds and will need our financial and medical and housing right off the bat. When we as many can't even get it and we work and pay taxes and put in our dues. And we can even acquire help when WE NEED IT! Some of our dead have died by those hands too.You may think that our USA courts can trump their Sharia Law but for how long? This is something that is ingrained in them. And saying Sharia Law only applies to muslims is foolish and will get everyone killed or forced to change their beliefs for survival. How many times have jews had to do this throughout history??? There are many punishable by death against non-muslims within the Sharia law. Sharia law also states that muslims should engaged in taqiyya and lie to non-muslims to advance islam. Is this what the USA is coming to. You cannot take the beliefs away that have been ingrained there is no separation of church and state within their laws. Wake up
Jun 29th, 2013
Someone from Scott, AR signed.
Jun 20th, 2013
Someone from Enloe, TX writes:
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This is just another of the efforts to replace the 50 million citizens killed by abortion. What Congress needs to do is repent of supporting the evil of abortion rather than use this method to replace those killed.
Jun 19th, 2013
Someone from El Paso, TX signed.

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