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Soverignty of the Individual Human

The Main Idea Behind the Original Constitution, Freedom, and God.

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China Fur Trade

Please try to stop this Mr. Obama

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Second Amendment Supporters

" All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent!" (Thomas Jefferson)

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Project My Sisters Keeper - The Tammy Boyet-Sawyer Initiative : Creating a National Prescription Monitoring Program

Devoted To Compelling The State of Missouri and the Nation To End the Deadly Cycle of Prescription Drug Addiction & Abuse By Immediately Adopting & Enforcing a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Stop Workplace Mobbing and Community Based Harassment

Mobbing is a ganging up against one individual in the workplace or community because of ideologic differences.

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We The People

To be free from tyrany and oppression to raise our own children as we see fit.