Outdoor's Man/Woman Right To carry

This petition is for the right to carry a sidearm in the woods, here in N.J

As we all know bear, and other predatory animal sightings have been on the rise here in the Garden State in the last 5 years. So much to the point where our Governor has promoted a statewide bear hunt to reduce this growing population. But what happens if your not hunting with your shotgun? When you?re out for a weekend hike with your family in Jackson or a fishing trip to Round valley Reservoir and your face to face with a predatory animal that thinks you are a threat? This is why I propose for a bill to be passed allowing Trained, upstanding citizens of New Jersey the right to carry a sidearm while in the woods, field, and stream. This is a great opportunity for the state to increase revenue through permit sales and give NJ outdoorsman peace of mind for themselves, and their family while enjoying everything New Jersey has to offer.