Manhattan Project Workers\' Memorial

Manhattan Project workers saved millions of lives because they brought a swift end to the war with Japan.

Over 130,000 Manhattan Project workers helped end World War II. They saved millions of lives because America did not invade Japan. They have never been honored. They have never been thanked. We have shunned them like they were war criminals.

Congress must approve the building of a Manhattan Project Memorial at The National World War II Memorial in Washington, D. C. It would be a small act of gratitude. Sadly, most of the workers are no longer with us. A memorial would send a clear message to the children and grandchildren of these workers: "Your relatives helped end the war and your nation is grateful."

No public monies would be required. Private donations by groups and individuals would defray the cost of the project.

These workers have been ignored for decades. The nation has turned a blind eye to their contribution to ending the war. Congress can, with the passing of legislation, fix this gross mistake of history.