Congress - Get To Work

There should be no vacation for Congress when failure to do your job has put our nation at risk.

It is time for Congress and our President to put aside personal idealogies and do the work the people of the United States need and expect them to do. The lack of ability or desire to work together and effectively has led to economic upheaval, has greatly tarnished the reputation of America, but more importantly even than these major issues, has caused much pain and fear in the very people you are supposed to represent.

You would be hard pressed to find any American citizens who feel that Congress has worked hard to protect the interests of the nation as a whole recently. The economic situation our country is faced with now is too precarious, threatening the very livelihood of the people Congress purports to represent to allow Congress to go on "vacation". Individual citizens have worked hard - as Americans do - to build economic stability and security for their families. They should not have that work dishonored and their financial future totally jeopardized so that members of Congress can go to the beach. The President has the right to convene Congress at his discretion when there is an important need. There is nothing more important than this - this time - this issue. Congress needs to come back now, learn how to work together - quickly - and put the United States of America at the top of their agenda.